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JULY 2009


Thank you to all my Savoyard friends, including some Friends of Savoyards, who came to the “Summer Joy” open day, celebrating 30 years of our society coupled with my reaching age 80: quoting UTOPIA LTD, “All hail, astonishing fact!”
Among the many gifts received I unfortunately can’t identify who gave me 1) Chambord raspberry liqueur, 2) Bor Foras Hungarian red wine and 3) a Scrabble Anniversary set. Apologies to the donors of the above, and if they will identify themselves I will say “Thank you “properly to all. Grateful thanks to everyone who showered gifts and cards on me… All this on top of a really superb SORCERER – like Alexis I am welling over with limpid joy!
Special thanks to all who helped set up the al fresco Saturday, most particularly Patrick who agreed to cater, and our excellent and highly valued Hazel, Society Archivist Extraordinary (in the best possible sense).



The good ship “ Southern Comfort” set sail in clement weather on the evening of the sixteenth of the month from Horning with 42 Savoyards and friends aboard. A memorable evening ensued with two notable happenings between the eating, drinking and chatting. Our President was able to have the assistance of three Founder Members of Sheringham Savoyards in his cutting of a celebratory cake to mark our 30 years of existence – namely Beryl, Dena and Molly.
The promised auction of the G & S Lithographs was duly held under the metaphorical hammer of Andy Wagstaff. The four prints raised a total of £63 of which half was donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

So were we all enchanted by The Sorcerer? Certainly the EDP review was pretty kind and the general feed back from the audiences, many of whom had come never having seen it before, was favourable. “Great fun” “Very enjoyable” etc. etc. We were privileged to host a number of dignitaries from NODA on our opening Guest Night. As well as our old friend Sue Dupont we had a return visit by John Warburton, Councillor East Region. The President of NODA, Bert Lumsden, and his wife flew down from Scotland to attend and were accompanied by Chairman Eric Smart, and his wife, from Chelmsford. Despite their long journeys they seemed very appreciative of our hospitality and suitably impressed by our
performance. They have all written their thoughts on the performance – copies of their letters will be available at the AGM.
As is often the case early houses were not large as Sorcerer is not in the “Top Rank” of the G&S popularity stakes but news travelled that it was a good show so the later houses were very satisfactory. We attracted 65 to the Sat. Mat. which was a fiscal bonus as well as breaking new ground and may well encourage us to repeat the exercise.

Mannington Hall. This performance was cancelled by the Little Theatre.

The weather also stood fair on 11th for our Presidents 80th “Birthday Bash” allowing it to be a genuine Garden Party. Between Noon and 6.30pm he entertained more than 30 Members and Friends who stayed for varying lengths of time to partake of the refreshments so kindly provided, to look at the exhibition of all the shows we have presented over the last 30 years, including the original “Recruitment Poster”, and to spend time chatting and reminiscing with like minded people.


Carnival Day
is Wednesday 5. Contact Hazel if you wish to process around the streets of Sheringham in costume.
Auden Theatre - Rumpus Theatre in the persons of John & Karen Goodrum, late of the Bridge Theatre, renowned for their G&S productions of old, have written a new entertainment called “Mr G and Mr S OR Topsy Turvy and Tum Ti Tum”. This will be performed on 15th & 16th – Tickets from the Auden Theatre, Greshams School, Holt. Other ex-Bridge Theatre players are also involved – it promises to be an enjoyable experience.
A game of Trivial Pursuit is scheduled on Monday 17th at the Burlington Hotel at 7.30pm. No need to bring anything except your personal memory bank and the where-with-all to buy drinks at the bar.

Rehearsals start for “Tan-tan-ta-ra Tzing-Boom” on Friday 4th in the ODDFELLOWS HALL, Lifeboat Plain at 7.30pm. Subsequent rehearsals will be back at St Joe’s as usual. Producer Pam Warren has asked for all participants who have scores for the following shows to bring them along to this first rehearsal -PINAFORE, PATIENCE, IOLANTHE, & MIKADO.
Wednesday 30th A G M 7.30pm Oddfellows Hall, Lifeboat Plain. To go along with our usual “Bring a plate & bottle” refreshments after the meeting John Bill has devised a Quiz for our entertainment and education.
We need to fill a number of vacancies of both officers and committee. A change in personnel is healthy but it does require members to be prepared to take their turn in the running of any Society- so please don’t be shy – volunteer – your Society needs YOU!!
Subscriptions for the coming year will be gratefully accepted at this meeting or before.

Our Autumn Show “Tan-tan-ta-ra Tzing-Boom” takes place on 27th & 28th in the Little Theatre 7.30pm. Producer Pam Warren, Musical Director Sarah Coleman, Narrator Jason Bell.

A Carol Singing Licence has been obtained for Saturday 12th.


As previously reported Andy & Julie Weston will be producing their adapted version of Utopia Ltd from 16th to 19th.

Patrick Monk will produce our Autumn Show comprising “The Zoo” and “Trial By Jury”. Further details as they emerge!


Don’t forget to check out our website once in a while. It is continually being updated and well worth a look to wallow in past triumphs.
We were sad to learn of the death on June 2nd of Peter Villiers – a good friend (in both senses) of the Society and a maker of a number of the videos of past shows.
On a happier note we are pleased to note that our former President Ian Wallace managed to trump our President’s milestone event by celebrating his 90th Birthday on July 10th. Our best wishes go to him and to Pat –we hope to see them back up here at some stage. Another happy event was the wedding of Chris Sullivan to Linda on July 25th.
The Society has been gifted a number of CDs by D’Oyly Carte Opera and the book “The Complete Annotated Gilbert & Sullivan “. They will be held by our Archivist Hazel and will be available to lend to Society Members on request. They were owned by the late Aubrey Riggs – our thanks go to his widow for this gift.

A large metal serving plate was left after the after show party –Dena is keeping it –please contact her if you own it and wish to retrieve it. Dena has also got a glass flask/phial (possibly once holding a love-philtre?) - also left after the show.
The next News Letter will be in the Autumn – all contributions will be gratefully received by the Editor at 30,St Austins Grove, Sheringham. NR26 8DF 01263 822030 or .


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