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Spring 2010


While wishing the Society all the best for the forthcoming UTOPIA LTD, I want chiefly to look backwards in this particular message to you all.

The sad news of the recent death of Robin Newsom re-kindles many happy memories for those current and former members who played under his direction between 1979 and 1982, also in the 1987 RUDDIGORE and more recently {1998} in PIRATES, the first of our shows on the “new” Little Theatre stage, when I was privileged to work with him in my first appearance as MD for the Society, and for which he recruited several stalwarts of the Sheringham Shantymen {of which he was co-founder} to swell the chorus.

A schoolteacher, Rob’s special subjects were drama and art, so production/direction and scenic design were his major concerns, contributing greatly to the immediate success in 1979 of the newly-formed Sheringham Savoyards, continuing and increasing over the next few years. In 1982 he cheerfully told us we could easily manage two main shows in one year, and so produced an autumn PINAFORE which consolidated the “succe’s d’estime” of our first-ever show in June 1979.

From the start he guided us the way we should go: we’ve developed in so many directions since then, but it is true to say that our Society could not have achieved so much so quickly without Rob’s expertise, flair and enthusiasm. We were indeed fortunate to have in charge of us - just at that special time - so gifted, so persuasive, and so immensely likeable a man.

We send sincere condolences to Julia, Martin and Daniel.


Firstly – a postscript to the Utopia Ltd cast list – Tarara {The Public Exploder} will be played by Jonathon Starling – who seems to be strangely drawn to pyrotechnics. Remember THE SORCERER ??

Ten Pin Bowling on 24th. Appropriately 10 members enjoyed a very successful fun event at Strikers in North Walsham for an evening of bowling and food. They were impressed with the quality and range of food on offer to the extent of making plans already for a repeat visit in the Autumn. A list will be available in early September for interested parties – or ring Pam on 01263 825912.

Our original Quiz Team for this year of Karen, Jon & Malcolm were reunited in the Semi-Finals of the Town Quiz but narrowly lost to the eventual winners of the final. A good effort – but sadly lacking again in the support from members which had generally been in evidence in previous years – but never mind – roll on next year.


Our Annual Dinner will be in the form of a Greek evening at The Wyndham Arms on 15th. Although fully booked at present Pam can be contacted for returns - even at the last minute!

Just to remind you all – especially Friends- of the dates for “UTOPIA LTD”

Mon 14th Technical Rehearsal
Tuesday 15th Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday 16th First Night and Guest & Friends Night. 7.30pm

Then performances nightly at 7.30 until Saturday 19th but with a Matinee at 2.00pm on Sat 19th. Please Note - The Little Theatre have acknowledged their mistake in their published brochure ref the time of the matinee - it is as above !! not as they printed.
Tickets Prices : Adults - £12 {£10 for Sat Mat} Under 16s - £5 any performance.

Friends should by now have all received their Vouchers for a £2 reduction in Ticket Price and for a Free Programme. If any have not please contact Mo Foster-Worton , Friends Sec.
25th As Producer of our Autumn Show , Patrick Monk is hosting a plate & bottle evening at The Dell, Heydon Road, Aylsham as an introduction to THE ZOO, including showing a DVD of this operetta.

Which leads us on to:

Rehearsals start Friday 3rd with Auditions on Saturday 4th. for our Autumn Production “THE ZOO” and “TRIAL BY JURY”. Audition pieces will be available in June.
Check last News Letter for details of CDs etc to help with familiarisation of the works.

Patrick is keen to highlight a number of points about this show.
1} Soloists selected for one piece are required to sing in the chorus for the other.
2} Time is limited, as often is the case for an Autumn Show, so regular attendance at rehearsals is ESSENTIAL for the smooth running of the production.

7th AGM This will be again be in the Oddfellows Hall, Lifeboat Plain. More details about the ancillary features of this evening at a later date.


Please note the schedule for show week:

Monday 22nd - at Woodfields School Hall - - Run through
Tuesday 23rd - at School Hall - - Full Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday 24th - Free
Thursday 25th - in Little Theatre - - Technical Rehearsal in Costume
Friday 26th - First Performance
Saturday 27th - Last Night

N B Woodfields School is part of the Sheringham High School campus, Holt Road, Sheringham – more details will be given as to this location nearer the time.

The Society has, once again, obtained a licence to enable us to treat any members of the public lucky enough to be around Sheringham Town on the morning of Saturday 11th to renditions of Christmas Carols.

Rehearsals start for THE MIKADO.


Given the age of both our Society and of the mass of it’s members it is not surprising that this section is often about sad departures from this life of former friends and fellow performers.

Our esteemed Past President’s death has been noted previously but as a postscript I can report that our current President, Alan, was among a privileged few specially invited guests at the interment of Ian Wallace’s ashes in the graveyard of West Runton Parish church on Saturday April 10th. Evidently Ian retained a soft spot for our part of the world.

I have also to report the death since our last News Letter of Peter Meany, who performed with other members of his family in our “early days” in the first IOLANTHE and YEOMEN, as a member of the Bass chorus.

Alan has already commented on the death of Rob Newsom whose memorial service is at St. Peter’s Church, Sheringham on Wed 12th May at 2pm.
Your Editor writes : Rob “auditioned “me for the first Pirates – I said I was interested in taking part but asked if I needed an audition to join – to which he replied “If you can stand up you’re in”. Like Alan I enjoyed Rob Newsom’s productions - although one member at the time did complain, saying he “wasn’t going to prance around the stage “to Rob’s direction" – but the rest of us did enjoy doing just that and the audiences enjoyed watching us do it. I especially remember the cricket match in the background to Sir Marmaduke and Lady Sangazure’s duet in the first SORCERER. Rob was very proud of his seafaring past and put this knowledge to good use in PINAFORE and PIRATES of course but also managed to put a boat on stage for the 1987 RUDDIGORE – including a sail! Rose Maybud and Dick Dauntless {Val Hurst and John Bill} were forced to duck at regular intervals during their first act duet on one particular night to avoid being decapitated by the boom of the sail as it rotated at some speed around the mast. Happy days!

Somewhat less final but also with sadness we have to report that Karen is unable to continue to be our accompanist for UTOPIA LTD due to ill-health. We wish her well and hope to see her back again with her usual expertise and good humour in the Autumn. We are grateful to Lester Shaw for taking over her duties so readily.


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