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Autumn 2010


I send greetings to you all at this difficult time of the year – in my opinion, when the clocks go back the extra morning hour in bed seems a poor compensation for having to light up rooms from about 3pm onwards. It’s all right once we have settled down in a week or so, but the “grey area” in between can be hard to take. Meanwhile, I hope “THE ZOO” and “TRIAL” rehearsals provide the necessary heat and light to help us through the Autumn.

Personally, I have been lucky that the onset of long evenings have coincided with my re-discovering at home a series of audio cassettes recording early Savoyard triumphs, which I am re-hearing chronologically with nostalgic pleasure. These were made just before video recordings became the norm, but “sound only” can be very evocative and revealing. I have got as far as IOLANTHE 1984 and am surprised and pleased at the high quality of the “singing & spouting” – not to mention the impeccable accompanying by our faithful Frederick Fulcher on piano over several years. I won’t go into more details but assure you that I am still (working through a happy wallow) remaining proud of Savoyards past and present.



22 members enjoyed a Curry Evening on 30th in Aylsham. Another event that has joined the list for a possible repeat at some future date – see later.


Friday 3rd saw rehearsals for our Autumn Show begin – under the musical direction of Karen and later on Patrick’s staging directions. Auditions were held on 4th. Once again Lester was available for brushing up of pieces that morning and joined the audition panel in the afternoon - Casts are as follows:-

The Zoo

Æsculapius Carboy..... John Bill
Thomas Brown............. Andy Weston
Mr. Grinder................. Malcolm Poore
Lætitia......................... Gennie Plunkett
Eliza Smith................... Beverley Baker
Dora............................. Vivienne Plunkett

Trial by Jury

The Judge............................... Andy Weston
The Defendant....................... David Allison
Usher....................................... Keith Swetman
Foreman of the Jury............. Maurice Whiting
The Plaintiff........................... Moira Weller
Counsel for the Plaintiff....... Pam Warren
Bridesmaid............................. Angie Wilson
Matron of Honour................. Gillian Gibbs
Associate, a rich attorney.... Mike Emery
His Elderly, Ugly Daughter..
* This lady is very shy and retiring, and dislikes making an exhibition of herself, especially in law courts, so she wishes her identity not to be revealed, as yet.


Once again this pinnacle of the administrative year was well attended – this time by 24 Members & Friends. The full Minutes and Officers reports will be available on our Web site ere long or from the Secretary if required but in the meantime I offer you severely edited highlights for your delectation and information.

Our retiring Chairman Malcolm Poore surveyed yet another successful year in all respects, especially on stage with TANTANTARA TZING BOOM last November tempting back some old friends and UTOPIA LTD being our first staged production of the work. He thanked all the hard working Officers and Committee members especially Social Secretary Pam.

Kath Whiting, in her Treasurer’s Report, noted that costs to the Society were increasing and suggested that, although we were well in the black financially, we needed to preserve that happy state and needed more income – partly by increasing ticket prices but also by hiking Subscriptions both to Members and Friends. Discussion by the meeting followed her Report - largely dwelling on the Little Theatre’s role in these cost increases. It was agreed the new Committee look further into this and also that Subs. be raised to £15 Members and £10 for Friends.

The suggestion of a possible change in Rehearsal Night was voted on by the Meeting resulting in a substantial majority wishing to maintain the status quo so Friday it remains!

Election of Officers and Committee followed with this being the new “line-up”:-
Chairman................. Andy Weston (for 1 year only)
Vice-Chairman....... Duncan McLaughlin
Secretary................. Pat Dawson
Treasurer................. Kath Whiting
Publicity Officer..... Hazel Randall
Social Sec................ Pam McLaughlin
Friends Secretary... Mo Foster-Worton
Committee Members: Nan Smith and Rip Wright
This left 2 places vacant- no more candidates having been forthcoming, despite the pleas from Malcolm on Fridays and in the Newsletter. (Subsequently Keith Swetman and Moira Weller have been co-opted to join the above.)

Andy duly took the Chair and thanked Malcolm for his hard work during his tenure as Chairman. Our President, having welcomed everybody at the start of the meeting thanked them for attending at the end in his own inimitable way, an hour and half having passed with more agreement than not!!
After a suitable break for refreshments (P&B as usual) Malcolm managed, by some impenetrable mathematical process, to achieve “mixed” tables of 4 for an
entertaining quiz to finish off the evening.


Rehearsals continue well but our Chairman has had to remind members that although Patrick has been starting them at 7.30 many people are still drifting in for the next 10-15 minutes, which hardly helps the production process. Suggestion has been made for people to arrive at 7.25 or before. After this due admonishment SOME improvement has been noted.
The Town Quiz team of Malcolm, Jon and Lord High Substitute Alan Stables won their match with Sheringham Players Act 2 by 165-149. They next do battle in February 2011 – with hopefully more support!


Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd at Woodfields School, Holt Road, Sheringham
Thursday 25th Technical/Dress Rehearsal in Little Theatre
Friday 26th and Saturday 27th Performances All at 7.30 PROMPT

Friday 3rd Our Cakes and Choruses Evening - when we hope to encourage people to see what we do on Friday evenings and possibly to join us. We certainly do need more voices - especially male. If any Members or Friends know of anybody who shows the remotest interest in joining us please persuade them to come along so they can see what fun we have and what a friendly bunch we are.

Carol Singing
Rehearsal on Friday 10th at 32A, Beeston Common - courtesy of Dena & Malcolm. Start 7.30pm – bring a copy of “Carols for Choirs 1” if you have one, more will be available if needed. Bring friends along if you like. Actual singing for money – this year for the East Anglian Air Ambulance - will be between 10am & Noon outside Sheringham Old Post Office on Saturday 11th.
Following this will be a Christmas Lunch at a venue to be confirmed. Food to be served at 1pm. Menus, prices & booking forms are available on Friday nights otherwise contact Pam on 01263825912 or
You don’t have to have been singing to attend but Pam does need all places to be booked and paid for by 27th Nov.


If you have enjoyed the various events during the last year or so, and feel that repeating some of them would be worthwhile, please make your views known – either to Pam or any Officer or Committee member - so that a program can be mapped out for next year.


Rehearsals start on 7th for THE MIKADO. Auditions for Principal Parts to take place on Sat 22nd. As previously announced, this will be a “Weston &  Weston” Production. Our Musical Director is to be Maggi Warren to whom we wish a warm Savoyard welcome. No, Patrick!! –that doesn’t mean singing soprano to confuse her!

JUNE 2011

Show Dates for THE MIKADO 15th – 18th including a Saturday Matinee.


Our Autumn Show on 25th & 26th will be a concert version of RUDDIGORE.
Producer Hazel Randall, MD to be announced.
Contrary to information in the last News Letter – Lester Shaw is very willing to help with this Production but not necessarily as MD – apologies for any misinformation passed on erroneously but genuinely believed in at that time.

JUNE 2012

The main show will be PATIENCE produced by Keith Swetman. MD TBA


We were saddened to hear of the recent death of George Mann who was part of our Male chorus from the 1994 GONDOLIERS to 2005 RUDDIGORE – when he was again “The Bishop” among the Murgatroyd ancestral ghosts. His previous incarnation as that role in 1995 went down in Savoyard folk lore, as in one performance standing motionless in extreme heat caused him to momentarily lose consciousness – needing help before returning to “haunting duty”. The Society has sent their condolences to Iris and was represented at his memorial service.

On a happier note (ha ha!) the Society wishes our esteemed pianist and Musical Director Karen and her partner Sarah every happiness for many years to come after their recent marriage. These sentiments are tinged with sadness however as Karen has told us that the current show will be her last with us. As we and Karen have got to know each other better over the last few years we have appreciated more and more her musicality to say nothing about her impish sense of humour – Fridays will never be quite the same without her – we all wish her well in her future career. We are pleased to announce that Lester Shaw has agreed to step up to be her successor in what is an important role for our Society, with Sarah Mapes re-joining us in Lester’s previous role.


Like most societies that stage productions we have a chronic need for storage space for scenery and properties. If any of our readers can either offer storage space or know of some available please contact us with the good news!


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