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July 2012


I felt the June and July concerts, both attracting good audiences, went supremely well, and the 21 Savoyards participating (including indefatigable accompanist and meticulous stage manager) deserved the loud applause they received.

The G&S pieces featured old favourites (Dance a Cachucha and The Sun Whose Rays) and less familiar ones (the Ida Amazons and ‘Bumpers’), so everyone was happily alert.

The music-hall items (second half at How Hill) were a wide-ranging lot. Indeed, the total evening’s selections, chosen by ‘Baker and Gray’ were models of variety and contrast. As with the G&S, we’re lucky on the music-hall front with our soloists: one genuine Cockney and some convincing imitations, plus splendid chorus backing and audience participation. Some songs were post-Victorian, but in a similar tradition.

We have sung within this category in previous Autumn shows, but devoting one continuous block to the genre worked well. Perhaps it could be used as a ‘curtain-raiser’ to a future Trial by Jury? Off you go in search of enthusiastic jurymen – and please turn up in September!



Much of this Newsletter is to advise you about the AGM on Thursday 13 September (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE). Formal Notice of the AGM is attached, together with Nomination Papers. The AGM is YOUR opportunity to have YOUR say about the Society. One of the most important functions of the AGM is to elect Officers and Committee Members for the following year. All nominations for Committee positions and Officers positions must be completed and returned to the Acting Secretary, Kath Whiting, by 6 September latest. All nominations have to be made by a Member of the Society and please check the person’s willingness to stand before completing the Nomination form!

We desperately need new members of the Committee, to bring new ideas for the future direction of the Society.


The Committee is very concerned about the future viability of the Society. WE MUST RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS IF THE SOCIETY IS TO CONTINUE.

An advertising campaign is being planned over the summer months, with a view to attracting new members to the Open Evening on 7 September. Decisions will have to be made at the AGM following the success or otherwise of this evening.

If you know anyone who might like to join us, please encourage them to come along on 7 September at 7.30p.m. at St. Joseph’s. Half of the evening will involve singing through some of the most well-known choruses from Pirates, Iolanthe and Mikado. The Society has some scores, but please bring your own if you have them. This will be followed by an opportunity to chat and socialize over a cup of coffee and piece of cake! Although we are keen to find new members, it is important that as many ‘old’ Members and Friends as possible are there as well!


The Concert at the Little Theatre in June was very well attended and very well received. A total of 146 seats were sold. Many phone calls and messages have been received by Committee members, saying how much the concert was enjoyed and asking that the Society continues.

Sue Dupont, our NODA representative, attended the concert, and sent a very complimentary report, which has been available for view on the Society Notice Board.

Below is a selection of the publicity photos taken for the Little Theatre Concert – apologies to those who receive photocopied Newsletters – as these will be in black and white!

The How Hill concert on 14 July was also very well received by a very enthusiastic audience, who joined in the Music Hall songs with gusto!

Special thanks must be given to Bev and Nona who put together two very successful concerts, despite all the setbacks they suffered, particularly with regard to lack of numbers. Thanks also to the small but talented team of singers who really pulled out all the stops to learn words and movement for their solos/duets etc. and the concerted numbers.

Special mention and thanks to John McInnes, who acted as Narrator (with a little help from Alan Stables) at the Little Theatre concert and also as the Narrator and Master of Ceremonies at the How Hill concert.

We are also very grateful to Alan Weyman who stepped into the breach to sing a couple of solos, which John felt unable to sing. It was lovely to be able to include Rowan Perrow in the programmes, and we all sincerely hope that she will stay with the Savoyards in the future.

Thanks also to Malcolm Poore who was ‘persuaded’ to take on the role of Stage Manager for both the concerts, and did a splendid job, keeping the cast in order, and making sure that we all got to the stage on time, and roughly in the right order!

Lester Shaw put in many hours of work both at rehearsals and also putting soloists through their paces at his home. We are very lucky to have such a talented and helpful accompanist, who also did some conducting for the unaccompanied choruses, such as ‘Hail Poetry’.


To celebrate the end of the season and the success of the two concerts, it has been suggested that we have an evening out together. The date will be Friday 31 August and the venue will be the Chinese restaurant ‘Le Moon’ in Cromer, at 7.30p.m. The meal will be a ‘buffet-style’ meal, with a choice of several main courses, and the cost will be approx. £11 per head (drinks and tips not included). Please let Kath have your name and numbers involved by 3rd August please, if by phone, or by 27th August if by email.


Just as the last Newsletter went to print, we heard the news that Janet Filby had had a granddaughter in Australia.

As many of you will know, Andy and Julie Weston are on the move soon. From the end of August their new address is: Shaw’s Corner, Paston Road, Knapton, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 0FD. Telephone number and email address are still to be advised. We wish them well in their new abode and look forward to the ‘house-warming’ party!!


This is your Newsletter. If you wish to include anything, please let me have the details. Tel:  01263 821185.

Kath Whiting


31 August - Social Evening at Le Moon Chinese restaurant in Cromer. 7.30p.m. (near Morrisons Garage)
7 September - Open Evening  - 7.30p.m.  St. Joseph’s Church, Cromer Road, Sheringham
13 September   - AGM at  7.30p.m. in the Annexe of the Wyndham Arms, Wyndham Street, Sheringham
5 October - Company Evening 7.30p.m. St. Joseph’s
2 November - Company Evening 7.30p.m. St. Joseph’s
7 December - Rehearsal for Carol Singing  7.30p.m. St. Joseph’s
8 December - Carol Singing in Sheringham Town Centre  10.00a.m.

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