From Sue Dupont - NODA East November 2008


Well how exciting to be part of a world premiere, what talent and dedication in the company to write and compose a new work, certainly Hazel Randall and Beverley Baker gave all an evening of enjoyment with the ‘Magic Lozenge’, their gain and the G&S loss.

Very cleverly done in style and character, and superb scoring of very tuneful music; I kept finding snatches of words, characters and of musical phrases that touched a remembered chord and then realised it was a new work. It definitely needs to be marketed as an alternative for the dedicated G&S groups. Characters all drawn in style with a Gilbertian pen, the balance of music of principals and company numbers scored with Sullivan in mind, and all perfectly cast as possibly written with this particular cast in mind.

Difficult to pick out any ‘stars’ as this assembled talented team effort worked so well and all had their moment in the limelight with solos and duets and company numbers. A party at Christmas with family and all the friends (and not always so in accord), the magic lozenge taken and how the relationships and humour improved (or did they, was it all a dream?), and, as the clock struck, back to reality again but with some rough edges removed.

A superb evening for Savoyards, the adrenalin and joie de vivre all on a high, as usual the standard of singing to a talented and well cast high, and what fun you all had with your new work, and how much we, the audience, enjoyed the evening; many congratulations to all.