From Sue Dupont - NODA Eastern June 2009


Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for organising the tickets for the NODA representation at Savoyards production of The Sorcerer, it was extremely kind of the Society to allow us to come and especial thanks for all the hospitality, all much appreciated.

What a super show to celebrate your 30 years, Malcolm and Karen are to be congratulated on leading the team which came up with such a good production. Liked the update to 'between the wars', really did work, added to the humour of the piece, allowed so many extra touches, some good 'business' throughout the piece, liked the individuals, rather than the 'job lot' chorus, who peopled the village, much more interesting and an opportunity to develop characters.

Visually very pleasing; costumes good, and loved the colourful set with striped lawn, tea tent and wonderful 'doll's house' of Ploverleigh Hall. And as for the principal's casting, well this was excellent and the voices could not have bettered; how fortunate to attract such a talented and balanced group. Sir Marmaduke (Keith Swetman) had the stature and character required (plus the parental advice), and he worked well with Lady Sangazure (Pam Warren) who was at her mellow perfection in the role but still spritely opposite the Vicar later in the piece.

Interesting to hear 'In Days Gone By' added to the production. As Alexis, Patrick Monk was an arrogant young man and in his element with the singing, and what a joy to hear this role sung so well, and the blend of voice with Beverley Baker (Aline) in duet, perfect to listen to and golden the notes from this engaged and socially aware lady.

An engaging Dr Daly from Andy Weston, the ideas were so readable as they flashed across his face, and of course sound musically. As Constance, Gennie Plunkett was young, engaging, listless, but lively, youth can amaze by following Yum-Yum with Constance within the month and singing both so well. And a sympathetic feel to the role plus a lovely touch of humour with the wool and knitting business of Mrs Partlett (Kath Whiting), will it be finished by the end of the week?

And as the centre piece, Jonathan Starling as JWW, a roguish character, slick as required to sell the spells, diction good for the tongue twisters, and blended well vocally into the ensemble numbers. In fact the whole score from all the Company was a delight to hear, and add to that the obvious fun and enjoyment that all those on stage were having, very infectious to make the audiences have a feel-good evening to enjoy and take home. Thank you for inviting us.